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26.10.2012 New at the In-House Exhibition South: Rolf Benz SINUS/CO-SINUS.The dining system.
Rolf Benz SINUS/CO-SINUS stands for a whole new dimension in dining: SINUS is a technologically sophisticated chair of outstanding aesthetic quality, offering the ultimate insitting comfort and maximum scope for individualization. And to match: CO-SINUS, the perfect dining table companion. Designed by Kai Stania (SINUS), This Weber (CO-SINUS 1) andWerner Baumhakl (CO-SINUS 2-4)
26.10.2012 New at the In-House Exhibition South: Indulgence made to measure: Rolf Benz celebrates the ten year anniversary of EGO. With “Dream fabrics at dream prices”
Ten years of Rolf Benz EGO is synonymous with ten years of customer enjoyment and satisfaction. A concept range which has earned a place among the true classics, EGO was masterminded ten years ago by designer Edgar Reuter and has become one of the most enduring and popular models to emerge from the Rolf Benz furniture workshops in Nagold, Southern Germany. Rolf Benz is marking the tenth birthday of this familiar sofa and modular seating range with a special offer of “dream fabrics at dream prices”.
09.01.2012 New at IMM Cologne 2012: Rolf Benz PRONTO. A system in motion.
Inspired by poetry and by the concept of intermediate space, the Rolf Benz PRONTO system range will be making its debut at the IMM Cologne 2012. This classically elegant sofa line stands as the perfect synthesis of model diversity, relaxation and aesthetic appeal. Design: Cuno Frommherz.
09.01.2012 New at IMM Cologne 2012: Rolf Benz BELA. Urban charm.
Rolf Benz BELA: the perfect sofa for chic urban living or the country getaway. Delicately formed, adaptable and comfortable in the extreme. Artistically wrought with the option of a selection of extravagant detail features. Design: Cuno Frommherz.
09.01.2012 New at IMM Cologne 2012: Rolf Benz 392. Seeks connection.
The club chair Rolf Benz 392 provides the perfect candidate for partnership. With its finely wrought styling and sophisticated seating comfort, this model not only complements a wide selection of Rolf Benz upholstered furniture but is equally effective as a unique piece in its own right. Design: Birgit Hoffmann
09.01.2012 New for IMM Cologne 2012: Natural HELLER leather for ROLF BENZ.
Nagold. Producing high-quality sofas using the finest leather – that is the core competence of Rolf Benz, whose headquarters are in Nagold. The best known upholstery furniture brand in Germany has now added another particularly exclusive leather to its collection: natural hides from the HELLER company in Hehlen. Anyone who has let their hands caress this artisan leather and experienced its velvet-softness, will never again want to settle for anything less.
10.08.2011 First class web presence:Rolf Benz AG receives red dot award: communication design 2011
The red dot panel has given the award to the new Rolf Benz website, which has just recently gone live.

Nagold, 11/08/2011. Originality, sensual appeal, creativity and succinctness – these are the principal criteria guiding the red dot award: communication design. The renowned design centre in Essen has just announced that the completely redesigned website of Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG has gained this coveted distinction. The international furniture company from Nagold launched their wonderfully direct, sensual web presence on the internet just a few weeks ago, on 5 July 2011.
09.04.2011 New at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair: Rolf Benz 600 and Rolf Benz 8880. Inspirationally different.
What happens when the classical expression of form of the early 19th century and the modern materialism of the 21st century come together in an Italian design and architecture studio? The result is something inspirationally new. Different. Beautiful. Something as special as the new Rolf Benz 600 chair.
08.04.2011 New at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair: Rolf Benz MIO. The one I’ve been waiting for.
Is there any place more important than the one where you feel completely safe and secure? Where you can immerse yourself totally in comfort and beauty? Where you experience pleasure in its most beautiful form? The Rolf Benz MIO is such a place. A place of pure pleasure. A place for me.
08.04.2011 New at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair: Rolf Benz VOLTA. Always something different.
Life is far too exciting to see it from only one perspective. Every single day is packed full of new possibilities, wonderful surprises and special moments. Every day there is something different. And it’s just the same with the Rolf Benz VOLTA. Rolf Benz VOLTA is an unusual, modern range, whose strengths lie in its flexibility. The corner elements can be rotated by 90 degrees to change the line of vision in a room quickly and easily.
07.04.2011 New at the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair: Rolf Benz when you’re on the move. Rolf Benz MIO Bag.
Let’s face it: ladies can get more excited about a beautiful shoe or a fine handbag than about (almost) anything else. And if you are talking about a timeless, elegant handbag like the Rolf Benz MIO bag, made with such passion for detail, then even more so. From the best Rolf Benz leather.
17.01.2011 New at imm Cologne 2011: Rolf Benz ONDA. My form of freedom.
It is our feelings that guide us through our everyday lives. For most of the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis, our „gut“ plays an unconscious yet very significant role. In fact, we can even decide in just a few seconds whether we‘ve fallen in love with a sofa. It happens intuitively, and before the „rational”, or the apparently reasoned thoughts and considerations, catch up.

The new Rolf Benz ONDA system programme comprises a range of sofas and modules whose organic shape and sensually opulent yet modern appearance instantly inspire. Not least because it’s pleasingly different. With its abundance of configuration options, Rolf Benz ONDA truly does offer a new form of freedom.
17.01.2011 New at imm Cologne 2011: Rolf Benz 585. Welcome to the Club.
Rolf Benz 585 is a modern, retro club chair offering exceptional comfort thanks to its lavish, luxurious upholstery. The oak or walnut wooden frame lends it its striking shape, reminiscent of the stylish club chairs of the 1960s. With the optional leather meshwork in black, chocolate or creme, coupled with the variety of leather and fabric cover options, you can create your very own, unique piece for your home. Rolf Benz 585 is also available as a high-back armchair.
17.01.2011 New at imm Cologne 2011: Rolf Benz NEO. Striking and modern.
New things are any essential element that make our lives different and exciting. If it’s fresh and straightforward, it conquers our hearts in an instant. Just like Rolf Benz NEO. That’s because this versatile modular range is direct and rectilinear, straightforward and at the same time ultra-modern.
17.01.2011 New at imm Cologne 2011: Rolf Benz 628. Rendezvous for connoisseurs.
For the most precious times of the day. The Rolf Benz 628 hybrid chair / armchair and the bench of the same name are the perfect furniture for connoisseurs who love to celebrate taste and the modern style of living and who know that the best moments in life happen in company. They radiate muted sensuality and can be configured to perfectly suit your needs.
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